Responsible AI and TIQ Software announce a free AI course

Today RAI and TIQ announce a partnership to create and launch a free introductory course for Artificial Intelligence.

AI Global is a non-profit entity committed to a world with trustworthy, safe, and fair technology. TIQ Software is a leader in work-integrated digital learning software. Together they are announcing a partnership to create and launch the Responsible AI online microcourse by January 2021. Together, they are designing a course to support the public in answering the question, “what is artificial intelligence (AI)?” and to help everyone recognize how AI can be helpful, or harmful, if not developed responsibly. 

The online course helps anyone understand the complexities of responsible AI and includes the supporting research, values, and ethics-based framework for a technology-focused generation. It’s a must-have for a future-forward and connected world.    

AI Global recognizes that artificial intelligence is poised to re-shape the world as we know it. But global trust in AI is at an all-time low, and the rules governing ethical and responsible development and stewardship are missing — responsible AI training is part of the solution.    

Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of AI Global, said, “We’re excited to be working with TIQ Software to bring responsible AI tools and practices to the public. AI is here to stay, with an estimated contribution of $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030 — it’s more than a simple buzzword. The problem is that early uses of AI have demonstrated that without responsible and thoughtful development it can be biased, insecure, and doesn’t comply with existing laws. Responsible AI needs to be today and tomorrow’s AI. This online course, among our other initiatives, will help make that a reality.”   

This area hits close to home for TIQ Software CEO Jason Suriano. He couldn’t agree more with the goals set forth by AI Global.   

“The core of my educational background and research is in digital humanities. Responsible AI is vital for everyone’s future. We need to ensure that technology supports our daily lives, and that AI-based initiatives are created ethically and responsibly. AI should make everyone’s life better and, working with AI Global, we will distribute a critically needed course to the public, something that will help everyone understand how to make responsible AI a reality.”  

Responsible AI will be available on the TIQ Store early 2021.

Media Contacts 

AI Global 
Ashley Casovan, Executive Director
Phone: 512-954-1181

TIQ Software 
Jason Suriano, CEO 
Phone: 780-994-4237 

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