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11 questions answered by Jacquelyn Cardinal, Canadian Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples’ relations expert.


What is Edutainment?

A mash-up of the words education and entertainment, edutainment is game-based learning that aims to fulfill a dual purpose — learning and fun.


What is gamification?

Gamification is when a task relies on game elements or mechanics to increase engagement, motivation, attention, in a way that achieves learning...


History of gamification

The idea of altering a task to make it more fun, while incorporating a digital element, has been around for a long time.


What are serious games?

Serious games are online games with a focus on education or skill development over entertainment, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.


What are game mechanics?

Game mechanics are what give the user the right interact with a game. Game mechanics are the structure, or foundation, from which your game is...

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