AWES and TIQ Software launch 18 courses for essential workplace skills

The launch of the Skills for Work program is a big step in a new direction for Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES) and one that expands their reach.

The pilot launch of the Skills for Work online microcourse series is a big step in a new direction for Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES), and one that expands their reach beyond borders to an audience actively seeking what they have to offer. 

Almost half of the Canadian population, many of whom face significant barriers, don’t have the essential skills they need. This is where AWES and TIQ Software have partnered to provide the solution.     

Designed primarily for immigrants who speak English as an additional language, the series’ first nine courses target Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 3-5 for basic English proficiency and the second nine move into CLB (6-8) for intermediate English proficiency. Anyone looking for skills development and employment readiness can also benefit from this online course series.   

Cindy Messaros, Executive Director of AWES, is excited to bring essential skills training to a larger audience, “49% of the Canadian population doesn’t have the skills needed to engage with work, community, or society in a consistent way,” she said. “We know these materials fill a need for our learners, their instructors, and the employers who gave us their wish-lists for skills-ready employees.”   

Jason Suriano, CEO of TIQ Software, understands the importance of essential skills for lifelong learning.  

“Working with Cindy and her team has given us a new perspective on the skills many people are missing,” said Suriano. “Our team at TIQ Software is excited about the release of these 18 microcourses and our ability to continue to provide costeffective online learning solutions for everyone.” 

The Skills for Work series is available on the TIQ Store for free until March 2021.

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