Gamification can make you better at work

Demystifying game-powered learning with Jason Suriano, CEO at TIQ Software.

Jason Suriano wrote the book on game-powered learning. Literally.

In 2017, he delved into 15 years of research, consulting and production experience to demystify this often-misunderstood discipline in a book titled Office Arcade: Gamification, Byte-Size Learning, and Other Wins on the Way to Productive Human Resources.

“A lot of people might not take what we’re doing seriously,” says the bright-eyed founder and CEO of TIQ Software.

While many companies understand that game-powered learning is more engaging and can, in turn, lead to higher retention of information, they simply don’t see the value in investing in what they perceive as fun and games, explains Suriano.

“They think it’s more engaging or interactive, but what is that going to do for the company?’”

Done right, game-powered e-learning can be extremely valuable. The same points and badges that reward an employee (and break up content into ideal bite-sized chunks) are loaded with useful data that a traditional “green binder” or a PowerPoint presentation simply cannot collect.

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Office Arcade: Gamification, Byte Size Learning, and Other Wins on the way to Productive Human Resources.