Naheyawin and TIQ Software announce online Indigenous Awareness course

Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal are breaking the traditional format of in-person corporate courses and offering their Indigenous Awareness course online.

With everyone shutting doors, windows, and hunkering down to battle the current crisis, Indigenous-owned and operated company, Naheyawin, refuses to slow down and let COVID-19 stop them. 

Brother and sister team Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal are breaking the traditional format of in-person corporate courses and offering their Indigenous Awareness course with a twist — Now, it’s online and for everyone. 

The online course integrates gamified learning to maximize retention and engagement with all learners. Making understanding the history, nuances, and complexities of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples an achievable undertaking for any generation. A must-have for building a better future — together. 

Naheyawin, recognizing a need for diversity-focused training to increase understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, crafted the solution.  

“Indigenous Awareness online training provides the foundation for all Canadians to understand where we’ve been and where we are now, so we can dream about where we wish to go, and strategize about how to take tangible steps to get there,” said Jacquelyn Cardinal, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Naheyawin. “We’re lucky to have partners like TIQ Software to help us gain a footing in online course delivery.”  

TIQ Software CEO, Jason Suriano recognized the need for this training 5 years ago.  

“We started exploring the delivery of an online Indigenous Awareness course with a technical college, but their curriculum and overall delivery was poor,” said Suriano. “Jacqueline and Hunter provide a fresh perspective and a new approach that is a perfect match for our software.” 

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Media Contacts

Jacquelyn Cardinal, Managing Director 
Phone: 780-217-7635 

TIQ Software 
Jason Suriano, CEO 
Phone: 780-994-4237 

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