TIQ Software launches online store powered by Shopify

The new TIQ Store handles welcome emails, course access, payments, and real-time analytics.

Three years ago, TIQ Software engaged in a research and development project with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to deliver a traditional course curriculum using a game-powered online learning platform.  

"It was a really great exercise to test our software from top to bottom. To see how it worked in both corporate learning environments and to benchmark it against some of the best curricula in the world." said Jason Suriano, Founder & CEO at TIQ Software

The problem with traditional online learning is it's still being delivered by platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, or being held back by SCORM standards from the year 2004. 

"Most corporate learning is long, boring, and passive. It allows the employee to skip portions of the learning material. Our software is designed to walk a student down a path, step-by-step, delivering only the most important information," said Suriano.

He added that one of the major challenges with corporate learning is time equals money. Businesses, large or small, don't have time for their employees to engage in a course series where each course takes an hour or more. 

"Our team has been advocating for a bite-sized learning model for nearly ten years. Companies are finally starting to understand that the right software can not only save them time and money, but also deliver a more productive and engaged workforce."

Another challenge is corporate learning and development teams can't keep up with the number of courses they're required to create. Or they don't have staff that are qualified to create course content.

"Our online store will be different from course delivery platforms Udemy and Coursera by not only focusing on quality content, but also by delivering online learning through a series of community created microcourses," he said. "They're quick online courses on relevant topics that directly impact business."

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TIQ Software has partnered with organizations such as Naheyawin for Indigenous Awareness, and AWES for a series of workplace essential skills courses

While individual courses can be purchased, companies needing multiple course licenses for their employees will get a TIQ Software portal, complete with their corporate logo, and access to performance analytics at no additional charge. 

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We make learning fun and entertaining at work. TIQ Software helps your employees learn more by delivering personalized portalsmodernized courses, and immediate analytics and all of it can be accessed on any device. 

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